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Kamini Tiwari joins Humble as VP of social impact | Jobs Roundup

Will Stahl steps down as CEO of Offworld Industries, and Steve Parkis is named CEO of Two Hat

It can be difficult keeping track of the various comings and goings in the games industry, which is why we compile them in semi-regular round-ups.

If you have new appointments or transitions in your company that belong here, please send the names of the appointees, new role and company, and prior role and company to

Kamini Tiwari | VP of social impact | Humble

Following over a decade at Blizzard Entertainment, Kamini Tiwari has joined Humble as its new VP of social impact.

Tiwari's prior roles at Blizzard included multiple leadership positions in communications, culminating in the position of director, global internal communications and philanthropy, which she held for five years.

"I came to Humble because I believe deeply in the company's mission to be a force for good in the world through gaming," Tiwari said. "There are plenty of companies doing great work to give back, but Humble is unique in that charity is at the heart of everything we do.

"...In the weeks and months ahead, we'll focus on not just finding new ways for the community to get involved, but also ways for us to more regularly connect with you about the impact that all of your giving has in the world."

Will Stahl departs Offworld Industries

The former CEO of Offworld Industries, Will Stahl, has departed the company after seven years.

Stahl has been with Offworld since the company's formation, initially in other leadership roles before taking on the CEO position in 2018.

Following his departure, Stahl will remain involved as an advisor, board member, and shareholder, and will oversee both the transition period as well as the selection process for a new CEO.

"It has been nearly half of my life that I have been involved in Project Reality, Squad, and Offworld as a player, modder, and developer, and that time has been both an incredible journey and has produced experiences that I will forever cherish," Stahl said.

"What started as a group of modders simply trying to build a game out of a mod we all loved and be able to make a living doing what was once a hobby, has turned into what I see as a growing indie development ecosystem.

"This decision is a personal one that I had been considering for some time, as I've realized that in particular with the success of Squad leaving early access and exceeding our financial expectations for 2020, as well as our publishing project Beyond the Wire launching into Early Access, Offworld Industries is now stronger than it's ever been before."

Other recent appointments around the industry include:

Steve Parkis | CEO | Two Hat
Previously: President, Two Hat

Quentin Cobb | Senior game designer | ZeniMax Online
Previously: Senior game designer, Sony San Diego

Darren Campion | Executive producer | Sumo Nottingham
Previously: Senior producer, Rare

Steven Kirby | Lead game designer | Sumo Nottingham
Previously: Games designer, Oxygen Studios

Chris Green | Lead game designer | Sumo Nottingham
Previously: Senior designer, Hangar 13

Jamil Moledina | CEO | Hexagram
Currently: Creative director, Google

Markus Windelin | Partner, director of operations | Nordisk Games
Currently: COO, Gameforge

Colin Blackwood | UK&I Country Manager | Electronic Arts
Currently: Commercial strategy and planning lead, UK & Ireland, Electronic Arts

Dr. Bettina Albert | Head of customer communications | Kalypso Media
Currently: Social media manager, Kalypso Media

Elvir Bahtijaragic | Product director, game tech | Rockstar
Previously: Venture partner and investment committee member, Ascension Ventures

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