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Just Cause 2

The Chevalier Ice Breaker can be yours FREE!

As a ‘thank you’ from the Just Cause 2 team for all the grapple carnage of the last two weeks, players can now ram, smash and crash their way across Panau in a smooth, pimped-out ice cream van - the Chevalier Ice Breaker - available now for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC absolutely FREE.

Pimped-out by Panau’s finest body shop, the Chevalier Ice Breaker’s lowered suspension, slick aluminum alloys and body-styled side skirts are perfectly complemented by its rigid front bull bars, more than capable of tearing apart anything that stands in its way. Mind that child!

The Chevalier Ice Breaker is the perfect addition to your arsenal of vehicles for ramping up the chaos on Panau. Take it for a spin and add to the over 25 million kilometres driven by players worldwide, just one of the stats tracked online at JustCause.com. Register your PC, PS3 or Xbox 360 profile on the site and see how your tallest BASE jump, total kills and more shape up against the world’s top ten players.

As Rico Rodriguez, the Agency's most powerful weapon, players must take on the island of Panau and its military regime in order to track down Rico's former boss and mentor, Tom Sheldon, who has gone rogue with millions in Agency cash and intel. Using a unique grapple and parachute combination, there is no vertical limit as the air becomes your playground: grapple a passing plane in flight, hijack helicopters, BASE jump from the tallest buildings or mountains and leave a trail of chaos and destruction in your wake. Just Cause 2 offers players the freedom to tackle missions any way they choose and, with over 100 vehicles and countless upgrades and collectibles, the choices for relentless adrenaline-fuelled action are limitless.

Just Cause 2 is available now for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Games for Windows® and is released under the EIDOS brand portfolio.


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