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JoWooD signs up Koch to handle key European distribution for 2004

A new marketing and distribution arrangement will see German firm Koch Media distributing the entirety of Austrian publisher JoWooD's product range in several key European territories over the coming year.

The new deal covers Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, and all of JoWooD's product pipeline is included in the arrangement - with the exception of Soldner - Secret Wars, which is to be marketed through BigBen Interactive.

Games which are included under the terms of the deal include stealth title Gorky Zero, movie license Torque and a selection of add-ons and special editions for SpellForce, Gothic 2 and Soldner.

"The products from JoWooD enrich the distribution of Koch Media," enthused Koch manager Klemens Kundratitz. "We now include the two most successful German game labels, JoWooD and Deep Silver, in our line of products and we are going to continue the success story that JoWooD has written with the games they have already released, offering players new highlights like Gorky Zero, the SpellForce add-on and other titles."

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