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Play-as-you-run controller now works with over 100 existing Wii games.


Liverpool, 07 August 2009: New Concept Gaming today announced that the list of games compatible with its multi-award winning accessory jOG™ has now passed the 100 mark, with more being added every week. Furthermore, multiple jOGs can be used so the whole family can join in the fun, with such an extensive list of games to play in so many different genres that there’s no chance of anyone getting bored!

jOG is a unique motion sensing accessory compatible with the Nintendo Wii™ that allows character movement in the game only when the player jogs on the spot, creating a feedback loop immersing players deeper into the game play while taking light exercise. Simple to set up, jOG works with any games that use the Nunchuk™ joystick for character movement on screen, ensuring its compatibility with a much wider variety of games than other fitness related peripherals which require titles to be programmed specifically to make use of their functionality.

“The decision we made early in development to use ‘overlay’ technology has paid dividends as we see the compatibility list grow day by day,” explained Brendan Ludden, Managing Director of New Concept Gaming. “No other accessory in this field works with anywhere close to this number of games. While boredom is never far off with other fitness related peripherals, there will always be new, fresh games coming through that will work perfectly with jOG, and with multiplayer fully supported too, the whole family can join in the fun!”

The full list of compatible games can be viewed here:

jOG compatible with Nintendo Wii™ is available in stores now, including Argos, Toys R Us and HMV with an RRP of £24.99. For more information, please visit

Press Contact (UK): Lina Svanholt, Renegade PR

Business Development Contact: Brendan Ludden, Managing Director

Distribution Enquiries: Neil Wilson, re:creation group plc

About New Concept Gaming Ltd

Liverpool based New Concept Gaming Ltd was founded in 2005 by Brendan Ludden, Jaison George and Patrick Slaats with support from the Merseyside Special Investment Fund since January 2008. The company is dedicated to the development and sale of ground breaking products that bridge the industries of video gaming and health & fitness, combining the best aspects of both. NCG’s first product, jOG, introduces natural and significant body movement into standard video game play in a way that enhances the fun of the current game experience, has a tangible health benefit and is highly accessible both in terms of simplicity of use and low cost. The company has plans for product evolution that incorporate more sophisticated body motion detection and further associated health benefits. For further information, please visit

jOG is a registered trademark of New Concept Gaming Ltd, all other trademarks are acknowledged and remain the property of their respective trademark owners. Wii and Nunchuk are registered trademarks of Nintendo. This product is not endorsed, authorised, licensed or otherwise affiliated with Nintendo.

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