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Japanese music club night to tour London, Birmingham, Brighton and Nottingham next month.

The UK's exclusive Japanese music club night returns, bringing the finest and most exciting rock, pop and gaming tunes of Japan to the cities of London, Birmingham, Brighton and Nottingham this February. Expect authentic karaoke, a Japanese style purikura photobooth, Harajuku fashion and the first overseas performance from Tokyo’s urban techno-punk act Hibari!

After its huge success in London, which saw it making the top 101 things to do in the capital before you die, word soon spread across the British Isles and the event’s Facebook page was inundated with requests to bring the party to other cities.

Previously the tunes were supplied by Japanophile, Retro Gamer columnist and radio DJ Iain Lee. This time Japanese music journalist Tom Smith will be providing the tracks, incorporating the likes of Mad Capsule Markets, Dir en Grey and Polysics, as well as gaming remixes and pop tracks from Hikaru Utada, T.M. Revolution, Arashi and many more.

Live music will be provided by the electric Hibari, a Japanese double act that captures the energy of Tokyo's famous street performers and delivers it with the punk-rock attitude rarely found in a country that lives by the proverb ‘the nail that sticks out will be hammered down’. Clad in tattoos and piercings, non-conformist Tsutomo (Hibari’s vocalist) refuses to be hammered down and is the epitome of everything the country’s officials fear from its ever growing, rebellious alternative youth.

Couple all this with vibrant fashion styles influenced from the country’s Harajuku, visual kei and Shibuya scenes, a purikura studio from Cosplay Portrait where users can make fun and exciting prints in the style of Japan’s exciting photobooths, merchandise on sale including music CDs, DVDs, video games and an exclusive store at the London show courtesy of sponsors Manga Entertainment, plus karaoke supplied by On Board, tipped as London’s most authentic Japanese karaoke experience with over 60,000 songs available in English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and more!

Get ready to party, Japanese style!


Come and celebrate with us at On Board Karaoke in Earls Court, perhaps London’s most authentic karaoke joint! We'll be taking over the venue on 11th of January 2011 from 9pm-1am for 4 hours of drinks, laughs and dodgy singing! All for a mere £10! Tickets are available online ( Groups are more than welcome! We’ll be getting the drinks in at The Prince of Teck pub opposite from 7pm – all welcome! Though the venue has a fully stocked bar, including Japanese soft drinks, alcohol and Japanese snacks.


2nd Feb – LONDON: The King Pin Suite (


3rd Feb – BIRMINGHAM: The Victoria (


4th Feb – BRIGHTON: The Hobgoblin (


9th Feb – NOTTINGHAM: The Central (


All tickets are £6 in advance.

Visit for further details.

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