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Japan sees price cuts for Xbox 360

Microsoft announces 25% drop in retail price for Elite model

Microsoft has announced a 25 per cent reduction in the price of the Xbox 360 Elite in Japan, a cut that will bring the unit down from JPY 39,800 (USD 430) to JPY 29,800 (USD 322).

As with the price reductions across Europe, the unit will no longer ship with an HDMI cable.

Meanwhile, the price of the 60GB Pro unit, which currently retails for JPY 29,800 (USD 322) will be left open to retailers, the company confirmed during a Tokyo press conference. As in the US and Europe, the model will be discontinued in the region.

The price of the 360 Arcade model, which saw an increase in the UK, will remain unchanged at JPY 19,800 (USD 214). Reductions will also be applied to the 60GB 360 standalone hard drive and 512MB memory unit.

"With the price cut, we hope to boost demand for the Xbox game console. The Christmas and year-end shopping season is very important for us," said Joji Sakaguchi, director of Xbox marketing in Japan, as reported by the Associated Press.

"We are confident that we will do well during the upcoming holiday season. We cannot lose," he added.

As previously predicted, similar price cuts will also be brought into effect in other parts of the Asia-Pacific region on September 10.

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