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Jagex primed for strong 2009

Most profitable quarters and new MMO in pipeline gives developer confidence

RuneScape developer Jagex has revealed that it is confident of a strong showing in 2009, off the back of its two most profitable quarters to date and leading up to the release of a new MMO title later in the year.

"Jagex's many achievements throughout 2008 are a direct result of our long-term commitment to improving all aspects of our games and delivering continued excellence to our players," said Mark Gerhard, company CEO. "From the content, graphic enhancements and updated game-play mechanisms in RuneScape HD through the addition of more original games in the FunOrb catalog, Jagex has remained on the cutting edge of game development.

"And this is just the beginning - 2008 was a record-breaking year for Jagex, but we're most passionate about raising the bar even higher in 2009."

The forthcoming MMO, currently titled MechScape, will give the company another revenue stream to fund the 400-strong employee base.