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Jaffe and SCEA face God of War copyright lawsuit

High-profile title is "derivate work" according to the plaintiffs

Famed developer David Jaffe and SCEA are facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over God of War, according to GamePolitics.

The claims come from Jonathan Bissoon-Dath, the author of fictional works based around a mythical Greek warrior, and Jennifer Barrette-Herzog, who designed the map that accompanied his work 'The Adventures of Owen: Owen's Olympic Adventure'. Both plaintiffs claim that Jaffe's game contains similarities in plot, character relationships, themes, settings, mood, pace and dialogue.

"God of War is a derivate work based on incorporating protected material unlawfully copied by defendants from plaintiffs' original works," the complaint reads.

The two plaintiffs claim to have given their work to agents who presented the work to Sony and that three years later God of War was released. Sony and Jaffe, however, deny any accusations of copyright infringement and have requested that they be reimbursed for any legal expenses incurred while defending themselves.