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Jack of all Tribes

Stategy adventure with a sprinkling of hidden object hunting, available for download now.

January 10, 2010

DivoGames, the developer of "Be Rich!" games, presents Jack of all Tribes, a new casual game that is remarkable for its intriguing plot and unusual gameplay. It is a colorful strategy with adventure elements and Hidden Object mini-games. An accidental time travel brings Jack to the Stone Age, and there are a lot of secrets to unveil!

The user plays as Jack, a young man who comes to an amusement park to ride a new attraction called "Tunnel of Destiny". Actually, he does not know anything about it - the advertising leaflet contains only one slogan: "Experience unforgettable adventures - plunge into the primeval world". But everything goes wrong! Right in the middle of the dark tunnel his railcar stops for some time and then goes off at a dash, falling down into a deep lake. Shocked and soaked through, Jack sees thatch-roofed huts of a primitive tribe. He has just accomplished a real time travel!

The tribe´s chief thinks that Jack is the redeemer mentioned in the prophecy of the Great Shaman. The prophecy says that the redeemer will free the tribes from the oppressive domination of the Dumbheads. Now Jack must follow the instructions given in the prophecy and find all hidden artifacts from the future, otherwise he will never return home...

The plot is rather intriguing, and the gameplay is also very original. It is strategy-based: there are several dwelling sites on the map, and Jack visits them one by one, meeting a lot of various non-player characters. They give him unique tasks or useful tips, thus helping him in his mission. Ordinary tribe members fulfill Jack´s orders: they can cut trees for new buildings, cultivate land, build or upgrade huts; but they also have their own needs, which must be taken into account. That is, workers may want to have a snack, a cocktail in a bar or a ride on a tame dino. Their needs and emotions are indicated by small icons above the heads. By the way, happy workers are much faster and more efficient.

Sometimes Jack finds anomalies - places where artifacts from the future are scattered. In such places the player fulfils Hidden Object tasks, collecting what looks out of place. Some of the collected things will prove useful - e.g., sneakers increase the workers´ speed by 15%.

In addition to all this, the graphics of the game is colorful and bright; background music and sound effects also contribute to the generally cheerful mood of Jack of all Tribes. Both children and adults will enjoy it!

Pricing and Availability

Jack of all Tribes is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7. A single-user license costs 19.95 USD. Further information on the product, as well as the free trial version, is available at the product page.


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Founded in 2001, DivoGames develops captivating games of various genres. Its major products are Be Rich! series, AirStrike series, Kenny´s Adventure, the Tuttles, Treasures of the Ancient Cavern. For more information please visit the company´s website.


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