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Ironstone Partners license the Epyx rights to revive classic titles!

London February 2005 - Classics from the 8-bit era are making a welcome and long awaited come back into the spot light of global gaming. Fashionable retro games are definitely back to stay and some of your favourites have been restored to life by Ironstone Partners with the licensing of the entire back catalogue of Epyx titles.

With the licensing of the rights, Ironstone Partners will launch a retro revival of the classic Epyx titles onto the gaming scene. Classic favourites such as California Games®, Winter Games®, Summer Games®, World Games®, Impossible Mission® and Pitstop are getting ready to jiggle our pixels all over again! This rebirth will initially be on Mobile and Direct to TV platforms but handheld and console platforms are also being targeted.

One of the most definitive games from the C64 era is undoubtedly Impossible Mission. A fantastically complex and well loved game from the 1980's where the player controls a special agent Alpha One whose aim is to thwart the mad Dr. Elvin Atombender's plan to take over control of the planet!

Another early C64 classic which is being brought back to life by Ironstone Partners is Pitstop, an exciting car racing game which has now been given the chance to race back into our hearts at top speed. Pitstop offers players the chance to master six of the most famous racetracks in the world in a range of competition modes. Its simple and addictive style defined many of its predecessors.

Perhaps some of the most fondly remembered games from the 8-bit era are the 'Games' series from Epyx which first exploded onto our screens in the 1980's and created the multi-event sports game genre. Their release provided players with ground breaking graphics and one of the most diverse collections of gameplay elements that had been seen. Winter Games and Summer Games still provide players with numerous high octane, adrenaline fueled events aimed to test their endurance and timing. Winter Games offers events from Ski Jumping to the bobsled whilst Summer Games offers the player numerous events from 100m sprints to skeet shooting. The definitive Joystick waggler! Similarly World Games also manages to combine events requiring the skill and endurance but this time drawn from a broad selection of cultural diverse national sports. .

Perhaps the most famous title in the catalogue is California Games which captures the player's imagination as they are swept over to the sun-kissed state and its famous beaches to indulge in some exhilarating sports. Those on offer range from surfing to roller-blading and as with Winter, Summer and World Games each new discipline provides a unique challenge making the 'Games' series a certain to be a hit again on the new platforms of today's gaming industry.

With Ironstone Partners promising to dust off and revive these distinguished classics and many more of the Epyx titles for all gaming mediums it seems everyone is going to be addicted to this long overdue rebirth! Let the games begin!

"The Epyx catalogue contains some truly great games that we know work very well on many new platforms." Says Darren Melbourne the Creative Director of Ironstone Partners "We have already made great strides on the mobile and Direct to TV incarnations of some of the best."

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About Ironstone partners

Ironstone Partners is a UK based licensing and intellectual property creation company. With offices in London and Manchester, UK. Ironstone is focussed on the development of compelling content for the games, toy and wider media


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