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Introducing the GamesIndustry.biz Best Places To Work awards

New awards concept begins in the UK this September. Here's how to take part

Update: Over 60 companies have already signed up to the GamesIndustry.Biz Best Places To Work Awards.

The awards will take place in September, and will reveal the best games businesses operating in the UK. Our two survey voting system will look at benefits, overtime, pay, diversity, management, training, company culture and a lot more to ascertain the best small, medium and large businesses operating in the country. The awards are sponsored by recruitment specialist Aardvark Swift.

The first survey is for employers, where businesses are asked to provide details on their offerings. The second survey - which makes up the bulk of the final score - is for employees, where staff get to rate the company on a series of criteria.

Studios, publishers, media companies, agencies and more will now have the chance to submit themselves for one of our coveted badges. With the winners to be revealed this September.

The aim is to highlight excellent working practices across the business, improve conditions for industry employees and help UK businesses attract talent in a competitive marketplace, which will become particularly important in a post-Brexit world.

To take part simply email bestplacestowork@gamesindustry.biz, and you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire. The form has been put together with the support of leading recruitment experts, including senior HR managers and recruitment agency heads.

We will also supply details on the second employee survey

To take part in the awards is completely free of charge, and all answers are fully confidential. We will even supply you with a free short summary of our results, which you can use to improve your work environment even further. So outside of the time taken to fill in the survey, there's really nothing to lose.

For more details, please contact bestplacestowork@gamesindustry.biz. The deadline for submissions has been extended until Friday, August 28th.

The Best Places to Work Awards will be coming to other territories around the world over the next 12 months.

Sponsorship opportunities for the awards are available. Please contact matthew.clements@gamer-network.net for more details.