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Into Games launches fundraiser to diversify UK games sector

Organizer plans to offer career events and monetary support to increase work-class background representation

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Into Games has launched a fundraiser to increase diversity in the UK games sector.

The organization aims to raise £100,000 as a part of its Game Plan 2024 roadmap.

"This will help us build the foundations for a future where anyone, no matter their background, can learn about and access opportunities in the UK games industry. And we're calling on the games sector to join us on that journey!" said the nonprofit organization.

Among its 2024 goals, it aims to support 160 school opportunities and provide six-person UK games career events.

Into Games also intends to launch its £30,000 national bursary for young people from working-class backgrounds, providing monetary support for equipment, events, and training.

Additionally, Into Games notes that people are eight times less likely to enter into a games career if they are from a working-class background.

Also, it said that more than 30% of UK games professionals are from selective, independent, or fee-paying schools.

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