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Interstellar Marines

Playable chunk of browser-based FPS available to sample.

Zero Point Software proudly announces "Bullseye" ( )  the first free playable preview slice from Interstellar Marines, available now on

First playable preview slice from Interstellar Marines.

"Bullseye" is a playable preview introducing some of the weapon shooting mechanics from Interstellar Marines. In a series of advanced weapons training programs, ITO AI 'SARA' tests the capabilities of gamers, to calculate if they have what it takes to become an Interstellar Marine. "Bullseye" was released Friday the 22nd of January, and during the release-weekend, gamers have already completed more than 200.000 challenges.

Features in Bullseye.

• 21 challenges designed to test gamers to the extreme

• 16 skill levels improving your accuracy, reload speed and recoil

• Unlock silencer, red dot scope, effective range scope and flashlight

• Earn 17 unique completion achievements

• Earn Facebook "Bragging Rights"

• Compare highscores with other players

Play "Interstellar Marines: Bullseye" now!

Interstellar Marines: Bullseye release trailer (20Mbit VMW 720p):

Interstellar Marines: Bullseye release trailer (Youtube):

3 new screenshots from Bullseye in action (1280x720):

Gamers feedback on Bullseye have been overwhelmingly positive:

• "No WAY is it possible for a game to look this great in my browser" - (Comment on Facebook)

• "Color me impressed. Bullseye feels very tight, though it is only a shooting gallery" - (Comment on Destructoid)

• "Very polished shooting gallery, felt quite fun, played about 40 rounds of it before I could tear myself away" - (Comment on rockpapershotgun)

• "I can't believe they can make a web based browser game that looks this good and is so fun to play" - (Comment on Gametrailers)

Built in the Unity game engine.

We are building Interstellar Marines in Unity, which allows us to execute our game with 16x Anisotropic filtering, Fullscreen Anti-aliasing, per pixel lighting, normal maps, lit translucency, dynamic shadows as well as most other AAA features you would expect from game engines such as Unreal or CryEngine; but in a browser on both Windows and OS X. We guarantee you it's the best graphics, sound and fun you've had in a browser-based game!

We recommend Mozilla Firefox for the optimal gaming experience as it enables flawless full screen support, and you only have to install the small Unity web plug-in which is automatic requested when starting the game.

Welcome on board "AIV Kitty Hawk" for Advanced Weapons Training with 'SARA'

In the dark even Cardboard targets will break violently to 9mm light armor piercing rounds!

We hope to bring gamers hours of fun unlocking challenges, upgrading their weapon skills, fighting for highscores and archivements!


INTERSTELLAR MARINES is a trilogy of three games, an AAA first person shooter experienced in a realistic and unpredictable future where first contact with another sentient species is slowly becoming reality. The games balance the military realism and cooperative action from tactical shooters with the character development and narrative depth of Role Playing Games.

About Zero Point Software

We are currently eight danish developers struggling to make our dream come true: Develop and publish the INTERSTELLAR MARINES trilogy in AAA quality independent from traditional publishers. We are evolving the way people are entertained by games; from start of production all the way to releasing the finished products. Community and Developer working together to build their game. The game is entirely funded by private investors AND our community.

About our AAA Indie Strategy (or how to make the best cake in the world)

Try to picture first person shooters as cakes:

1. A cake has layers and each layer has to taste really good in order to make a great cake.

2. Each layer has a number of ingredients, which can vary a lot depending on how you want that particular layer to taste like.

3. We have a pretty good idea of which ingredients to put in each layer, but we would like to hear what our community think.

4. We are inviting our community to taste slices of each layer and help us balance the ingredients.

5. When all layers are tasting really good and we have added frosting and candles... well... then hopefully we'll have the best cake in the world!

Bon appetit,

For further information feel free to contact me anytime!


Kim Haar Jørgensen, Game Director

Zero Point Software

Mobile: (+45) 2099 2503

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