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Interpret: 56% of Xbox, PlayStation, PC users are interested in earning NFTs

In response to survey, analyst says "gamers just want to be able to participate in this new business and engagement model"

A newly released survey from Interpret says that 56% of Xbox, PlayStation, PC users show an interest in earning NFTs via gaming.

The market intelligence firm queried 1,500 selected users from its NFT/crypto gaming panel, a subset of its Good Gamer Group panel.

[Clarification]: The Good Gamer Group panel was created by Interpret and comprised of 24,000 players; it is intended to represent the overall gaming market, from casual mobile to hardcore PC audiences. The 5,000 member NFT/crypto panel was selected to be representative of that larger panel.

"The only criteria to get into the panel is, they must be aware of what an NFT is," Interpret senior vice president of growth and innovation Jesse Divnich said. "It is important that we have people who don't own or don't like NFTs in the panel. We need to track sentiment over time, talk to them to see what the barriers are, etc." [/Clarification]

Interpret said that it didn't question Nintendo Switch and mobile users as it felt they wouldn't be as familiar with the subject.

53% of those surveyed said that being able to earn NFTs was their main point of interest as opposed to collecting, selling, and or trading them.

The report went on to say that over 45% expressed that earning NFTs as they play would result in them spending more time with games.

"Building a collection is not the major motivator right now," said Divnich.

"Gamers are not yet viewing NFTs as they would Pokémon cards or collecting a complete set of similar items. Gamers just want to be able to participate in this new business and engagement model."

Interpret acknowledged that NFTs and blockchain gaming ideas have drawn heavy backlash from gamers for a number of reasons, but compared it to the resistance experienced by previous new developments in the industry.

"Whether free-to-play, downloadable content (DLC), the transition to full digital downloads, subscription gaming services, the concept of season/battle passes, etc. - these all went through the murky phase that play-to-earn is going through right now," Divnich said.

"Gamers liked these concepts from the get-go, but it took time for the industry and players to get on a similar wavelength. It's a learning and discovery process on both sides."

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