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Insurgency Interactive launch

Bills itself as "the world's first web-community based game publisher"; aims to "democratize the industry".

For Immediate Release

December 16, 2008. The Internet: Insurgency Interactive, the world’s first web-community based game publisher, today announced its ambition to put the game development and publishing process into the hands of gamers worldwide with the launch of the website at

Guided by an Executive Panel of industry veterans, Insurgency Interactive will bring players into the game by opening up much of the decision-making process to a community vote. After pledging support and buying in, gamers will help choose the project itself, decide which platforms on which it will be developed, even debate the packaging direction and ultimately get a copy of the finished game. All participants will also get their name included in the game’s credits.

“This truly is a unique opportunity for gamers,” said the company spokesman, known only as Mouthpiece. “Gamers use social networking tools and websites every day to talk about their favorite games. We believe the Community, focused on a single goal and free of shareholder influence, can help forge an amazing game and get it to market for the world to play.”

The goal is to raise USD$5,000,000 for game development through the sale of $50 Participant Credits. Participation will be initially capped at the first 100,000 registrants, and the ledgers will be open to the membership. “We’re trying something that has never been done before,” said Mouthpiece. “Trust has to be our prime directive. We know that’s tough when we have to be anonymous, but we hope we can mitigate any concerns by being otherwise transparent and by not taking money at first. With our Greenlight Staging Process, we will be able to know if we’ve got enough interest to go full steam before we ask anyone for a single dime.”

More details on the Greenlight Staging Process and the project itself can be found at


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