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InnoGames to close second location in Dusseldorf and merge with Hamburg HQ

"We are struggling to support and empower our colleagues in Duesseldorf to the fullest potential," says CEO

German free-to-play developer InnoGames announced today that it will close its Dusseldorf office by the end of 2018.

The developer said it hopes the majority of the 29-member team will relocate to its headquarters in Hamburg, to work on its currently unannounced mobile MMO.

"Designing, launching and maintaining a successful free-to-play game requires seamless teamwork across various departments like product, analytics, and marketing," said CEO Hendrik Klindworth.

"Great depth and an engaging gameplay can only come to life if you follow this data-driven approach that InnoGames stands for. Our work on a production from Duesseldorf showed that we are struggling to support and empower our colleagues in Duesseldorf to the fullest potential across departments due to the distance between our headquarters and our Duesseldorf office.

"Accordingly, we decided on adapting the organization and to move the team and the production to Hamburg."

Just under two years ago, Swedish media firm Modern Times Group acquired 35 per cent of InnoGames for €90 million. Around six months later, MTG expanded its stake in the company, securing a 51 per cent share in May last year.

In November 2017, the developer shifted focus of production in Dusseldorf to a single game, and says that moving the operation to Hamburg is the next step in developing the title.

"According to our core values and our overall philosophy, we will offer the option to work with us in Hamburg, but we understand this will be challenging for some of our colleagues," Klindworth added.

"I therefore also want to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved for their great commitment and engagement until today and am confident that we will reach favorable outcomes for anyone affected during the next days.

"Now, it is time for all of us to join forces in Hamburg and to launch InnoGames' next strategy MMO game."

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