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Infinity Ward lawsuit sliced to $216 million

Activision accused of withholding bonuses unless Modern Warfare 3 released in 2011

The ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard by former members of Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward has reportedly been revised, with the claimants asking for 50 per cent less cash.

While originally the group of former and current Infinity Ward staffers had sought a total of $625 million in damages and unpaid bonuses, the cap is now apparently set at $216 million - just under half the previous maximum for damages alone.

Website Kotaku claims to have seen a copy of the amended lawsuit, which also provides further detail on the dispute that led to the firings of studio founders Jason West and Vincent Zampella.

The suit apparently alleges that Activision denied 60 per cent of promised bonus money – some $54 million - from Modern Warfare 2 sales from the developer, stipulating it would be handed over only if Modern Warfare 3 was completed and released by November 2011.

Also claimed to be in the update are accusations that Activision conducted secret interrogations, manned exits with bouncers, and that CFO Thomas Tippl told employees "get over it" following complaints about the withheld bonus.

A hearing on August 5 hopes to consolidate the various suits – including a separate claim by West and Zampella – into one trial. The trial itself is scheduled for next May.

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