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Industry must work closely with government - ELSPA

Mike Rawlinson keen to "explore range of valuable opportunities"

ELSPA director general Mike Rawlinson has told that the UK videogames industry must work closely with the government to explore possible forms of support.

The comments come in light of the earlier news that Canadian province Ontario is to increase its support for the games business there by over USD 100 million this year alone, adding to an already extensive tax relief programme.

But Rawlinson isn't convinced that tax breaks alone is necessarily what is needed.

"There are arguments both for and against when discussing the effectiveness of Canadian tax cuts, as some feel that they are rather a blunt instrument," he said. "However, what is not up for debate is how important the Canadian government sees the interactive software industry and their willingness to back up this commitment with action.

"The UK government speaks of its desire to see creative industries as new a powerhouse of the UK economy. The UK games industry has become the jewel in the crown of the creative sector and it is therefore essential we work closely with government to develop innovative ways to assist every part of the value chain, from development to publishing and beyond to include new forms of digital distribution, and so enable the UK to remain at the forefront of this exciting creative industry.

"We look forward to working with the government and its departments to explore a range of valuable opportunities to help our industry and make good their vision for the UK creative industry."

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