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IndieBI raises $3m in funding round

Analytics company aims to readily provide game sales data to game developers and producers

This week IndieBI announced that it has raised $3 million in an angel funding round.

IndieBI was originally founded in 2018 by Tom Kaczmarczyk and Callum Underwood. With Alexis Garavaryan as key advisor, the company has the goal of providing game developers and publishers tracking tools for game sales data across storefronts.

The investors that participated in the angel funding round included founders and studio heads from outfits like Humble Bundle, Mountaintop, Innersloth, Absurd: Joy, and Redhill, as well as Timberline, Thunderful Group, Superhot, A44, Coatsink, Seed Studio, Hinterland, Kowloon Nights and Kepler Interactive.

"The industry is already half a century old and yet there are no other established off-the-shelf BI tools for indie studios and publishers like us. Mobile and free-to-play games have their AppAnnies and Sensor Towers, but nothing like that is available for premium PC, Console, and VR games," IndieBI said.

"Nobody has yet created a single, easy to use tool that would provide understandable sales and marketing analysis across all platforms, highlighting opportunities, detecting anomalies, and suggesting actionable ways to improve your commercial performance."

Correction: This article originally described some companies as angel investors in IndieBI when it was specific individuals from those companies who had invested. The mistake has been corrected.

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