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Looking to play matchmaker twixt developer and publisher.


A casual glance at the Christmas lineup for any given gaming platform reveals the majority of titles being released this holiday are prequels, sequels or add-ons to already established brand names. From a consumer point of view, this is considered good as well as bad: for fans of an existing brand, new content is always welcomed; other consumers feel the lack of new and original games coming out this holiday is not only a sign of the shipwrecked economy, but also a side effect of publishers’ unwillingness to risk investment in innovative and original intellectual property games.

Indie Developer Consulting already represents dozens of independent game developers seeking publisher contracts: some games are fully completed while others are still in development. Some games are only in alpha stage or the design phrase, while some are previously released and seek only distribution in new regions.

Clients represented by Indie Developer Consulting are many and varied: some are small, some are large. Some are console developers, while others are PC casual game developers; and an increasing number of developers are committed exclusively to the handheld and digital download market. Some developers have a portfolio of more than fifty previous titles, while others have yet to publish their first. What is common among all of them is the need of a publisher.

Somewhere, somehow, there is a communication breakdown: According to publishers, they seek original game content but seem unable to find it, while developers argue original game content is not an issue; rather, it's the constant rejections by publisher gatekeepers. Obviously, publishers have different needs in terms of genre and price, and obviously developers have different needs in terms of development cost, ownership of intellectual property and royalty expectations.

Indie Developer Consulting offers matchmaking services to publishers and developers in a pursuit to establish long-term relationships between potential partners. If you represent a publisher seeking new games content and you are not already in contact with Indie Developer Consulting, by all means connect. The same recommendation goes to independent developers who have not already touched base.

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