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Indie Developer Consulting launch

San Francisc-based outfit offering help with development, publishing, marketing and more.


Indie developers of today have a mountain to climb that is riddled with obstacles and challenges in today’s games industry full of turmoil. Which language and middleware solution should be used to develop a product? Which gaming platform and consumer target group has the best chance of success considering the market is already oversaturated with shovel-ware on most platforms? Which publishers, if any, should be involved, and once work on the tech demo or entire game is completed, then what? Should the indie developer self-publish digitally or choose a more traditional approach with a publisher and a distributor shifting boxes into retail? What about PR and Marketing? And let’s not forget about the all-important budget, milestone document and corporate profile with team BIOs! Making a tech demo or an entire game (or app) on a handheld, PC or game console is only the first step. Releasing it and being successful is an entirely different matter.

To the aid of small to medium sized developers (and individuals!) comes San Francisco based Indie Developer Consulting, a bunch of industry peeps who has already climbed the mountain and been in the trenches so to speak. They have been there, tried this, and done that. With published titles on many platforms and bruises, scratches and scars to prove their worth, indie developers are offered a point of contact – consider it a roadmap to the top of the mountain! At Indie Developer Consulting there is no such thing as dumb questions and everyone receives quality treatment whether the project is aimed at iPhone, PC or any of the popular gaming consoles.

What follows is an incomplete, but undeniably the most popular list of services offered by Indie Developer Consulting to start-ups as well as established game developers at a reasonable price:

• If you are developing a game, tech demo or have a broken product that needs fixing but lack the skills, technology or manpower to finish it, Indie Developer Consulting has people readily available to see it through completion.

• If you seek publisher, venture, or private funding to finish your tech demo or game, Indie Developer Consulting has the connections and know-how you need.

• If you have one or more completed games for any platforms such as iPhone, PC or game consoles and seek distribution into retail or digitally, Indie Developer Consulting can help bring your product to market in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.

• If you already released your game but sales have dropped or have been disappointing, Indie Developer Consulting can help you switch or bring onboard additional partners and distributors.

• If you have developed a game and have a desire to have it ported to other platforms, and need advice on price, strategy and business model, Indie Developer Consulting has the experience you seek.

• If you have a killer game, idea or concept, but nobody has heard about it, Indie Developer Consulting can manage all your PR, Marketing, online and viral communication needs from press releases to guerilla marketing.

• If you have a tech demo or finished game you wish to present to publishers or first party developer relations but don't personally know the company representatives, Indie Developer Consulting is already in contact with the majority of global publishers.

• If you have an idea, pitch, napkin or post-it note with your brilliant game concept that will secure your retirement and buy you a Ferrari, Indie Developer Consulting can advise you how realistic your proof-of-concept is!

For additional information about the peeps behind Indie Developer Consulting, pricing and services please email

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