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Inca Tomb

Casual puzzler featuring "a young but gutsy female archeologist".

March 19, 2009 -- A lost civilization provides the backdrop for Inca Tomb, a new release from casual game developer Enkord. While collecting buried riches and outfitting a young but gutsy female archeologist with ancient bling, players will explore five prehistoric pyramids and unlock a treasure trove of fun mini-games. The full version and a demo offering one hour of free gameplay are located at

Inca Tomb features five different kinds of casual gameplay wrapped up in a single offering. In the main campaign, players click on coins to uncover knick-knacks and expensive baubles. Meanwhile, falling stones slowly cover a door leading to the next level. Players must fill a satchel with enough items to move on before the door is completely blocked. Special coins, including one that gathers several coins at once and another that knocks stones away from the exit, aid in this task.

Also buried within each pile of coins are treasure chests that contain either a bonus item or a portal to another realm. Inca Tomb comes with four alternate realms, each of which contains levels featuring a popular kind of casual gameplay, including hidden object, match-three, collapse and marble popper. Beating these levels helps to unlock the next pyramid.

“We wanted to pack as much variety as possible into a single product and make the transitions between the different styles of gameplay smooth and logical,” says Enkord CEO Yaroslav Yanovsky. "We hope people have as much fun playing Inca Tomb as we had making it."

Colorful visuals and rich audio wrap up the features of Inca Tomb.

Begin your journey at

About Enkord, Ltd.

Founded in 2003, Enkord is a team of software developers, artists and musicians dedicated to producing simple and addictive games distinguished by unique gameplay, innovative mechanics and high playability. The company, which has self-published its titles since its inception, also offers publishing and production assistance to third-party projects. While interested in different products for the mass casual market, Enkord’s focus is on casual games geared toward the male demographic, including action, arcade, shooter and strategy games. Learn more at


Yaroslav Yanovsky

CEO, Enkord, Ltd.

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