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In-Fusio's Next Generation 'EGE' Mobile Gaming Platform Hits Market

First handsets equipped with Entertainment and Gaming Extensions (EGE) from IN-FUSIO to be launched by Orange France and Orange UK

Bordeaux, France - October 17, 2005 - IN-FUSIO, a leading mobile games service provider, today announced that the Orange group is selling four Java handsets, available in the UK and France, with its Entertainment and Gaming Extensions (EGE) platform embedded* Handset manufacturers LG and Sagem, who were the first to select EGE, and then Philips, are the first of seven brands that will include EGE.

Targeted to benefit operators, embedded by handset manufacturers and already supported by some games publishers, IN-FUSIO's next generation EGE overcomes many of today's mobile gaming barriers* With its user-friendly interface, EGE eases communications between players (through a buddy list), enables users to try games before purchasing and encourages viral marketing (through recommendation of the games to a friend)*

"Thanks to the massive sales success of Java handsets worldwide and to EGE's unique user features, we will perform even better than we did with IN-FUSIO's first game solution, ExEn, launched in 2001* It is expected to reach a penetration rate over 65% among users, increase the gamers' average spend by up to 5 times, and increase users loyalty over a period of months" stated IN-FUSIO's CEO Gilles Raymond.

EGE provides an environment and solution to:

  • Reach more potential mobile gamers while reducing customer churn
  • Stimulate interactions after the initial game session, which in turn maximises income
  • Deliver a proven user-interface which increases mobile game play
  • Seamlessly integrate viral marketing programmes in a non-intrusive way
  • Enable game developers to focus on game play, rather than API integration (EGE works on Java MIDP2.0 handsets and integrates multi-player and 3D capabilities)
  • Unite operators, publishers and communities with a single mobile service management platform.

EGE also represents a unique opportunity for publishers to quickly and efficiently launch mobile games profitably*

Raymond added: "The main issue in mobile gaming today is the quality of the user interface and hence, the loyalty to the service it encourages* EGE will be the most user-friendly solution for end-users available today* It will have no equivalent as a community maker tool for carriers* As was the case with our first mobile game engine four years ago, EGE will be the most profitable solution in terms of average revenue per gaming user* Deployed as a 'white label' solution, it takes away the pain and expense of managing a game centre and allows operators to focus on marketing to their customers."

Patrick Rouvillois, VP Product Marketing of Orange Group, declares "Games are a key area of mobile entertainment, where Orange is a leader* Orange is committed to provide the best gaming experience to its customers through innovative technology* In-Fusio's EGE provides a strong customer experience where users can download and experience new levels of games as they advance, and share the excitement with friends* Games from Orange will continue to lead the way""

Initial game catalogue at launch:

  • Star Wars III
  • Midtown Madness 3 Mobile
  • Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile
  • It's Mr Pants
  • Terminator, I'm Back
  • Shado Fighter
  • Football Fans 2005
  • I-F Racing 2
  • Flynn
  • Biocide

About EGE

EGE ignites the capabilities of MIDP 2.0 gaming APIs by providing a number of enhanced features, while focusing on the delivery of user-friendly services to players* Feature highlights include:

  • "Real-time" multi-player functionality (not available on initial handsets)
  • Enhanced 3D game play (not available on initial handsets)
  • Recommend a game to a friend
  • Try and buy
  • Simplified user interface for easy game play: direct access through a dedicated key (different according to handsets), dedicated game menu, etc.


IN-FUSIO is a leading international mobile entertainment company, publishing games and applications for cell phones and delivering players' community management services*

IN-FUSIO applications are enjoyed and available through 130 carriers and portals worldwide* The company's portfolio includes licensed applications based on Microsoft's HaloTM franchise, games based on Microsoft's Age of Empires® 2, Midtown Madness® 3 and Zoo Tycoon® 2, Neopets®, Twentieth Century Fox's I-Robot and Die Hard, Canal Studio Image's The TerminatorTM, Suzuki®, Etch-A-Sketch®, Golden TeeTM, and original titles such as the award winning Shado Fighter and the IF Racing series.

For further press inquiries, please contact:

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Andrew Durkin

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E-mail: or

About Orange

Orange and wirefree and any other Orange product or service names included in this material are trademarks of Orange PCS* The Orange group is one of the world's largest mobile communications companies and a subsidiary of the France Telecom group, with operations in 17 countries across Europe and beyond as at the end of September 2005* In October 2005 Orange was awarded the title of Best International Mobile Operator at the World Communications Awards; the judges said: "Orange is so solid, you cannot expect more." Within the Orange Group, the Orange brand operates in the UK, France, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Thailand, the Ivory Coast, the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, the Netherlands, Botswana, and Madagascar* The Orange group also has controlled operations in Belgium (Mobistar)* The Orange group has a joint controlling interest in Egypt (MobiNil) and minority interests in Portugal (Optimus) and in Austria (One)* As at the end of June 2005 Orange had 14.46 million active customers in the UK, and over 21.4 million registered customers in France* As at the end of June 2005 (excluding 8.6m million customers in Poland) Orange controlled companies had over 56.1 million customers worldwide* Orange, along with TIM, Telefonica and T-Mobile, is a founding member of the FreeMove alliance* Further information about Orange can be found on the Orange website at

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