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Nintendo needs to "grow core market"

Needs to expand "still small" core userbase ahead of Sony and Microsoft controllers, says Marvelous director

Nintendo needs to concentrate on expanding its core user base as Sony and Microsoft muscle in on its casual audience with new technologies of their own, Marvelous Entertainment director, Yasuhiro Wada has stated.

"The Nintendo market is pretty humongous right now, but I think that's primarily because of all the light users; the casual users," he said, speaking to Gamasutra. "The core userbase for the Wii is really still small. One of the things that Nintendo is trying to do, like with the Motion Plus, is try to make it more advanced and more friendly to the gamer-gamer.

"But it's still not enough because Sony and Microsoft are starting to do the same sorts of technology. In those cases they are still weak, but I think it's really important to have more core titles such as Zelda and other titles from Nintendo to grow that core market area, so the whole market can grow as well."

While his company has developed plenty of games for Nintendo platforms, continued Wada - Marvelous created the Harvest Moon games and Little King's Story among others - it is only bound to those platforms because it doesn't have the technology to develop for the "HD-heavy platforms".

However, "at a certain point we will reach that place and we can advance to multiple platforms and different other venues," Wada predicted.