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IGDA Brighton to bring local community together

Resurrected chapter planning events based on developer feedback

Members of Disney Black Rock and Relentless Software are to resurrect the Brighton chapter of the International Game Developers Association.

The Brighton outfit's goal is to bring the local community together through regular events, with organisers calling for ideas from the games community to gauge interest.

"There's a feeling that Brighton has a great potential for a development community but at present is strangely fractured, despite the fact that it's a young, sociable town and a local industry populated by young, vibrant people," commented Jez Harris of Relentless.

"Relaunching an IGDA chapter seemed like a good way of fixing the situation, giving people a reason to get together under a recognisable banner."

All those interested in joining the chapter are invited to mail ideas to with all suggestions – from social drinks to tech-heavy lectures – under consideration.

"The hope is that every couple of months we'll put on an event of some description, each being determined by what developers and other games industry folk in the region have told us they'd like to see," offered Harris.

"We want people in the area to tell us what they want from it, rather than set our own agenda."

Harris also confirmed that IGDA Brighton will not be limited to just paying members of the International Game Developers Association.

"You absolutely do not have to be a paid up member of IGDA to be involved with what we're doing; it's open to anyone in the area with an interest or stake in the games industry," he said.

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