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Hypernia/BigWorld deal

Teaming up to provide hosting for online game publishers.


Tuesday, March 31---Miami, FL--- Hypernia Hosting Corp. announced today their new strategic partnership with BigWorld, headquartered in Canberra, Australia with offices in the United States, Japan, China and Europe. BigWorld licenses its middleware platform to game studios and publishers around the world to build successful next-generation MMOGs and Virtual Worlds.

Known for providing flexible hosting solutions that include tier-1 bandwidth for online gaming, CDN and media streaming, Hypernia was carefully selected by BigWorld as a preferred international online hosting partner based on Hypernia’s lengthy and successful history in the online games space. Through this partnership, online gaming companies will be able to take advantage of a unique union that will support their vision from conception to launch to product maturity and success—with the financial flexibility that allows them to launch large scale games at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with MMOG hosting.

BigWorld – with titles launched on its technology solution in numerous territories – has delivered on years of intensive R&D, testing and deployment and is the first middleware technology company to develop MMOG "game making" software solely for the purpose of providing the world's best gaming companies the tools to easily make MMOG games without losing years in development costs. Their technology lets game companies focus on making great games and continuing to update and expand them, while Hypernia provides the infrastructure with true month-to-month scalability that mitigates the risk normally required to support an online game.

Big World has dozens of licensees and games that will immediately be able to take advantage of this new partnership. Online game publishers need hosting and game development tools to create online gaming businesses. Without these, the publishers are put in a dangerous position of having to reinvent the wheel and become a hosting company. If companies do this, they become inflexible, and are forced to make huge CAPEX purchases for tool development and hardware purchases. Until now, online game publishers had to "do it themselves" and were at the mercy of an infant hosting market and worse, one that did not understand the business of gaming.

With Hypernia, BigWorld’s customers can license their software while being assured that a top level company with a proven track record of high quality service will be there with them for the long run. With the pipeline provided by Bigworld and the familiarity Hypernia has with BigWorld’s software and hosting requirements, it makes the process much easier to transition from development to servicing customers online. Also, with Hypernia providing all the equipment for its clients, game companies have more freedom to self publish and enjoy more control over their destinies.

James Vallord-Costa, CE0 and founder of Hypernia, states, “The biggest issue an online game has when it comes to market is that no one can predict the exact number of subscribers it will have. During that crucial launch window, flexible hosting solutions are needed to meet the demand. Subsequently as the game’s lifespan goes through peaks and valleys, game companies need a way to scale up and down without having to pay a penalty. Hypernia solves that problem by providing month to month flexibility. By partnering with BigWorld we have a recognized leader in our industry that understands the business aspect of hosting online games. With our shared passion for online gaming we’ll be able to make a huge difference for the industry. This partnership will provide the tools and hosting resources that will foster higher quality games and unique titles to come out. No longer will the "mega franchise" be the only option, now gaming companies can experiment with new IP to attract more casual gamers and build a bigger audience closer to TV and movies.”

Gavin Longhurst, VP of Business Development at BigWorld, adds “The ‘gaming experience’ is the number one factor in an online game being successful, broken down into gameplay and online performance. With BigWorld providing the tools, the game can be made much faster with the focus on creativity and quality of gameplay. With Hypernia providing worldwide locations and all the equipment, the game developer can focus on creating a great game that will perform at the highest level. Due to Hypernia's full global coverage for localized gameplay and fast networks, as well as allowing companies to upgrade networking and server equipment to better specifications, game developers are no longer burdened by upfront costs.”

About Hypernia

Founded in 2001, Hypernia Hosting Corp® pioneered the online games hosting market with innovative service offerings for both game companies and gamers. As a vertical hosting solutions provider, Hypernia is able to mitigate the capital risk of large enterprise deployments while providing unmatched flexibility in networking and bandwidth services with a global footprint. Known for providing personalized service at half the cost of its competitors, Hypernia continues to be a leading provider of complex Internet hosting services for enterprises with mission-critical Internet operations.

About BigWorld Pty Ltd

BigWorld Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 to commercialize years of intense R&D, which started in 1999 and continues to this day. With a direct local presence in the USA, China, Japan and Europe, BigWorld licenses its middleware platform to game studios and publishers around the world to build successful next-generation MMOGs and Virtual Worlds.

For more details regarding Hypernia Hosting Corp®, contact Fiona Cherbak at, or (512) 916-9633, or you can also visit for more information.

For more details regarding BigWorld, contact Casey Gregory at, or +61 2 6162 5120, or you can also visit BigWorld News Blog at for more information.

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