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Hyper Button

Mini-game compilation arrives on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

10 January 2011

Red Crest Studios, Brisbane, Australia

Red Crest Studios is very proud to announce the completion and release of their first available title for Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Hyper Button.

Hyper Button is a series of simple but challenging mini-games designed to make use of the four face buttons of an Xbox 360 controller.

Planned from the outset for diversity and charm, the games will harshly test even the most experienced wielders of an Xbox 360 gamepad.

Whether it's getting a train moving, shooting tennis balls or counting dozens of cards in one glance, quick button mashing alone will not get you through to the end of the game. Patience, discipline, and all those other virtues you constantly hear about in Role Playing games are necessary to complete this title without a pathetic score.

Hyper Button is available from the Indie Games section of the Xbox 360 Game Marketplace.

It can be queued for download onto your Xbox 360 right now at this


Red Crest Studios is an indie Australian games developer. Our website is  

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