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Houser: Lack of respect for videogames grants "freedom"

GTA IV scribe says videogame development allows for more freedom and creativity than TV or film

Rockstar's Dan Houser has said he enjoys the fact that videogames are not as highly respected as TV or film because of the freedom that affords developers.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the Grand Theft Auto IV scribe commented that traditional mediums were "codified" and that videogames benefited from having "no accepted way of doing anything".

"I hope it's long," he said after being asked if he thought videogames would ever be as respected as movies or film.

"It's really fun at the moment because we're not in any Academy and the medium's not codified. There's no accepted way of doing anything so that give us enormous pleasure because we can make it up as we go along," he added.

"Movies and TV and books have become so structured in the way they have to approach things. Not working in that environment gives us enormous freedom. I'd rather keep the freedom and not have the respect."

Lost and Damned, the first expansion pack for GTA IV, is set to cost 1600 Microsoft Points (GBP 13.60 / EUR 19.20) when it's released on 17th February.

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