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Hotel Dusk: Room 215

In-demand songwriter and singer Rebecca Mayes, covers the DS game.

This week Hotel Dusk's Karl Hyde captures Rebecca Mayes’ heart. After a week of interviews with the national press and two video game song commissions, Rebecca Mayes is happy to get back to the song writing. Her latest Video Game Review song accounts her novice's experience of the film noire DS game.

With her first two video game song reviews - Press A [] and I'm a Wolf [] - still going strong, she can't wait to hear what people make of her latest creation. In it she engages with the story and characters of the classic DS adventure Hotel Dusk in a way you've never heard before.

What started out as a hobby is fast becoming a full time concern for Rebecca as various parties line up to get their games covered. As her followers on twitter ( will know, she has a new song in the pipeline about the new Hello Kitty game on DS. After that she'll be turning her attention to the mighty PopCap games library.

Keeping her going through the recording has been a stream of comments and praise from all directions. Of particular note are the emails and messages from non-gamers and parents who have heard the song and want to learn more.


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