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Hot Dog King is Golden and Grilled to Perfection!

For Immediate Release

Montreal, Canada. March 22, 2007 - Game publisher Meridian4 and developer Fuzzyeyes Studios are pleased to announce that their fast food tycoon game; Hot Dog King has gone Gold and will be releasing soon to North American retailers and for online digital distribution.

"After tirelessly screening for the most beautiful franchise staff around the world we're really excited that gamers will finally get their hands all over Hot Dog King, a fun and enticing tycoon game for the North American market." says Sonny Lu, CEO of Fuzzyeyes Studio.

"We are thrilled that Hot Dog King (HDK) has gone Gold and will soon be available to gamers. We've enjoyed playing the game and have built up virtual fast food empires for bragging rights around the office." said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director at Meridian4, "HDK is a fun, twist on the tycoon genre and can be played by all gamers looking for a challenge oh, and the girls in the game aren't bad either."

About Hot Dog King

Hot Dog King is a fast-paced strategy simulation with a fresh approach to fast food. You will set out to dominate the fast food industry city by city, using talented staff members in each franchise as your secret weapon to lure customers away from the competition. Play in your own style - start and develop your business using superior marketing techniques and great food, or build your empire quickly by employing the mob and using shady tactics against your competition.

Can you become the Hot Dog King, or will you be just another wiener?

Create your ideal shop - Players select from a variety of locations and interiors. Tailor products and decor to suit your customer's tastes. Recruit the staff of your dreams - Players will manage every detail right down to uniforms. Keeping staff motivated and happy is essential to attracting business. Track progress - Players keep track of all important financial, employee and competitor information with their own PDA. Events & challenges - Surprising mini-games can pop up at any time to keep players busy. They'll have to be prepared to conquer these challenges or risk losing business. Use the dark side - If fair tactics aren't working, players can always use the Mob to trash their competition. The choice is theirs.

Hot Dog King will be available in retail stores in March at a suggested retail price of $19.99. For more information about Hot Dog King go to www.meridian4.com.

About Fuzzyeyes Studio

Fuzzyeyes Studio was established in 2001 as a games development company. In its early stages, Fuzzyeyes focused on developing an introductory product to test on the market and improve management and development process for a major commercial product. Their studio cares about people's happiness. The company is devoted to seeking the source of people's happiness, and working to create interactive entertainment accordingly. The experience they create brings happiness to everyone by helping their fantasies to come to life, and providing them with a leisure experience which goes beyond the limitations of reality.

About Meridian4

Meridian4 is an interactive software publisher located in Montreal, Canada. We are a new publishing company, with new ideas and a different approach to forming partnerships with developers. The difference is we actually form a partnership - a true relationship characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility to achieve the best possible performance for their products.

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