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HMV: Black Ops may be "biggest game release ever"

Retailers make bold predictions following huge pre-orders for new COD

UK retail chain HMV believes next month's Call of Duty: Black Ops may be the UK's best-selling game of all time.

"We're seeing some exceptional interest for this title across its different formats," HMV's senior buyer James Brooks revealed to Eurogamer.

"Based on all this initial demand and the huge excitement that's clearly being generated, I'd say this title has every chance of being the biggest game release ever, and it's certainly shaping up to become the largest pre-order that we've seen in-store and online on"

However, ShopTo. Marketing manager Phil Driver claimed that, though Black Ops would be in its all-time top 10 best-sellers, it "won't be top." He reserved that accolade for the recently delayed (again) Gran Turismo 5.

The last Call of Duty title, Moden Warfare 2, currently claims the title of the UK's best-selling game.

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