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Hitmarker: 61% of jobseekers say salary is crucial in the application process

Survey says adding pay details to job ads "is one of the easiest steps you can take to appeal to a wider, more diverse audience"

Today Hitmarker released a new survey where 61% of job candidate respondents said that salary information in very important during the application process.

The "An exploration of job-hunting preferences in the games industry" study polled over 600 candidates about their preferences while looking for employment.

The survey went on to further breakdown the importance of pay transparency for jobseekers by gender.

Among all respondents, 56.7% of cisgender men said that salary details was crucial, whereas 66.7% of cisgender women expressed that it was key, and 68% of transgender people surveyed said that it was essential.

The survey didn't provide opinions on pay parity among its racial and ethnic minority respondents.

However the report did say, "Adding salary information to your job adverts is one of the easiest steps you can take to appeal to a wider, more diverse audience."

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