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HISTORY Great Battles Medieval

PC version available by download now in "a surprise move"; coming to retail in February.

9th October 2009

It is finally there. With a surprise move, Slitherine has decided to release its highly anticipated Role Playing Strategy game HISTORY™ Great Battles Medieval. The game will only be available from the official company site until its full retail release in February next year. The PC retail release will be launched alongside the two console formats, Xbox360 and PlaySation3. HISTORY™Great Battles Medieval is a blend of role-playing and turn based strategy set during the Hundred Years War between France and England. Players will finally be able to create their armies, customize them and lead them to victory trough over 130 years of one of the greatest wars of all times.

The game also includes a unique ranking system. If you register your game all games you play can be reported to the server, even single player. This lets you compare your progress to other players around the world.

The rankings system can be seen at


Next generation engine with advanced shader effects and lighting. Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a historical framework. More than 20 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazing detail. Weapons and shields are added to each unit by the player, meaning an almost infinite number of equipment combinations are possible. Every equipment change changes the appearance of the models. Never before has this kind of customization been possible on such a scale. Specialize your squads with over 100 unique skills. Animations and behavior change to match the equipment you have allocated. Play as the English under the Black Prince or the French under Joan of Arc. Historical events effecting game play. Innovative Battle Card system that gives bonuses and penalties in battle. The most detailed and realistic medieval combat model ever created. Special ambush missions Story movies created from hundreds of hours of the TV channel HISTORY™ library combined with in game engine footage. Completely new control and battle system designed to work on console and PC. Multiplayer over LAN & Internet. Unique online ranking system, for single and multiplayer stats!

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