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Hiber raises $2.2m to build out its browser-based game platform

Users have created over 300,000 games on Hiber so far in 2020

Hiber has raised $2.25 million toward further growth and development of its browser-based game-making platform.

The funding round saw existing investors Luminar Ventures and Wild Sloths OY joined by Bumble Ventures, SYBO, Konvoy Ventures, and GFR Fund, with SYBO CEO Mathias Gredal Nørvig joining Hiber's board of directors.

Just over a year ago, Hiber closed its first seed funding round of $1 million as it began the beta version of its platform.

Now, Hiber has seen 300,000 games created on its platform this year, and will use this new round of funding to continue growing its platform and make multiple new, key hires.

"We had a lot of interest in the round, which gave us the opportunity to ensure we have the right investors on board at this stage," said Hiber CEO Michael Yngfors.

"Each of the new investors brings additional expertise and guidance to our business. With regards to GenZ, SaaS platforms, Asian Markets, not to mention the people responsible for the largest mobile game franchise ever created, we feel like we have a really deep bench of knowledge to draw upon."

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