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Heavy Rain sales hit 1 million copies

Creator David Cage reveals estimated sales were as low as 200k units

Sales of PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain have hit one million copies, according to Quantic Dream co-founder David Cage - a number that has greatly exceeding publisher estimates.

Speaking to German website, as reported by VG247, Cage indicated that initial sales predictions for the title had stood at only 200,000 to 300,000 units.

"We have sold more than 1 million copies of Heavy Rain worldwide," said Cage. "That was a surprise to many … we estimate that by the end of the year, we will have sold 1.5 million copies, and are very pleased with the reception."

"Our game isn't an action game, it's not a role-playing game, [and] it's not an adventure. It isn't in any one genre. When you create a new, convention-busting game to the market, it's always a risk, both for the developer and the publisher," he added.

The game was supported by a strong television advertising campaign in Europe, as well as being featured in an official PlayStation 3 hardware bundle in some territories.

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