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Hearts/Backgammon Masters

Two new ways to while away time on your phone.


Inlogic software s.r.o. comes with another game from the series of popular card games known as Hearts. Supporting many mobile phones, it is ready to become the fun for every gambler.

Banská Bystrica, 6 June 2008: Developing company Inlogic software s.r.o., a producer of quality mobile phone games has expanded its portfolio by the game Hearts. The game is a sequel to the series of card games dominated by such popular games like BlackJack Master, Poker Hold´em Master or Solitaire.

“There is no doubt about the popularity of card games on the market with mobile content. This is the reason why besides our other exclusive projects we are focused on card or gambling games, too. You can be looking forward to more as we are planning some attractive casino games for all of you.” says Ján Kalafut, COO of the company Inlogic Software s.r.o..

The game "Hearts" is trick-taking playing card game. The objective is to get rid of all the cards and reach the fewest points at the completion of the game. Tricks are groups of cards which players have laid in each turn. You will get points when you take a trick containing hearts or Queen of Spades. Hearts is played by four players and as soon as one of them reaches 100 points the player with fewest points wins.

Backgammon Masters

Backgammon, a new board game, from Inlogic software s.r.o. will be soon launched on the mobile phone game market! This time Inlogic software s.r.o. has bet on one of the oldest games which remains popular even today.

Banská Bystrica, 6 June 2008: Company Inlogic software s.r.o., known as a producer of quality mobile phone games, launches a new game – Backgammon Masters.

“We wanted to bring to the market something that players has been enjoying for a long time. Actually Backagammon as game goes back to the ancient times. Backgammon Masters is our new fun game and we hope that it will become popular among players of different age groups.” says Ján Kalafut, COO of the company Inlogic Software s.r.o..

The goal of the game is to move all of the player`s own checkers in the shown path behind his own edge (to the homeboard) and then remove them from the gameboard. Once the dice have been rolled, the player will move the checker as many points forward as the sum of the numbers on both dice is. If at the end of a move the checker lands on a point occupied by opponent`s checker then the opposing checker is borne off and must be placed at the begging of his path. When all player`s checkers are placed in the last part of the board (homeboard) then the player can move them even outside the board and this is the way the checkers will get removed from the game. The player wins by removing all of his checkers from the board!

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About Inlogic software s.r.o.

Slovak developing company Inlogic software s.r.o. (, is an independent and dynamically growing company developing mobile phone games mostly on a J2ME base but also on a Symbian and Windows Mobile base. The company was established in 2002 with a persistent goal to create top mobile phone games. Regarding the game development, the company focuses on a quality gameplay supported by an excellent technical processing. Beside games for free market, the company developes games tailored to customer`s specific needs and it also plays the role of outsourcing company for big international companies (e.g.: T-Mobile, Ericsson, Orange, O2, Eurotel a.o.). It also runs PLAYAMO- the affiliate program for selling mobile content –

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