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Havok hits a century with Vivendi and Shiny

Physics middleware provider Havok has announced two new titles which will be using its technology, bringing to 101 the number of games which utilise the cutting edge physics system.

Vivendi Universal Games plans to use Havok 2 physics in the forthcoming Tribes Vengeance, the next title in the popular Tribes series of team-based multiplayer games, while Shiny Entertainment has also signed up the technology for use in an undisclosed title.

According to the company, the decisions to use Havok's software were made after lengthy technical reviews by both Shiny and VUG, with VUG producer Chris Mahnken commenting that "the added speed, flexibility, and power provided by the Havok physics engine will allow us to do more interesting things, better, and with less processor usage than ever before."

These two new titles add to an impressive list of recent games which have used the Havok 2 physics system, including pre-Christmas hit Max Payne 2 and the hugely anticipated Deus Ex Invisible War, which will be released in Europe in the coming months.

"Havok is extremely proud of the work that all of our game development partners have produced," enthused CEO David O'Meara. "It is a testimony to their expertise combined with Havok's technology and its ability to enhance game-play that produces such great games. We are delighted that such respected developers as Shiny and VUG have found value in Havok's solution."

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