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Has anyone made a game like this before? GameIntel has the answers

New service has tagged over 150,000 games with information like sub-genre, mechanics, aesthetics, and much more

Ever wondered whether there are any free tower defence games geared towards teenagers with a kawaii art style? Is it a niche that's been done or an opportunity to try?

Well, wonder no more. GameAnalytics recently launched GameIntel, with a powerful new search functionality called Game Explorer. By tagging over 150,000 games with millions of data points, you can research the industry and find the answers to questions like these. The tags let you find games based on keywords, genres, thematics, aesthetics and much more granular searches.

You can use it to research your competitors, inform your marketing strategy, and see if there's an opportunity to change your game to fill a gap in the market.

Find the games that meet very specific criteria

On top of the basic info you can search by (date range, genre, publisher info, and more), the tags are divided into four key areas:

1. Key information. These include traits like whether it's 2D or 3D, their monetization model, single player or multiplayer, key demographic, if it uses an established intellectual property, and even what the key motivations of the players are.
2. Thematics. This lets you search for games by different types of theme, like its mood or atmosphere, the type of world, and even down to the time or history period.
3. Aesthetics. Looking at a particular art style. These include aesthetics like Low Poly, Kawaii, Doodle, all the way through to Photorealistic and Retro.
4. Features and mechanics. This rounds up every single mechanic for all the genres, including those from different types of gameplay, through to engagement and social mechanics. You can also filter specific features like types of ads, season passes, and whether or not a game has loot boxes.

By combining these tags, you can search through every game in the database and filter down to a group that meets very exact criteria.

The only game research tool you need
There are a bunch of ways you can use Game Explorer. Speed up your product research, your ideation, or even just spot the best audience for your ad campaigns.

Give your prototype the best chance
The next time you're coming up with potential game ideas, or even A/B testing your prototypes, you can use Game Explorer to see whether there's anybody else with a similar thought. Are there already medieval simulation games aimed at teens? Maybe you make yours appeal to children or adults instead, perhaps by changing the art style.

Find the best audience for your ad campaigns
With the dreaded iOS14.5 update, tracking and targeting specific audiences has become somewhat of a challenge. So targeting players of similar games can fill the gap this update has created. Using Game Explorer can help identify similar games in your niche which you can then use for your campaigns.

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And if you'd like to get started right away, you can always sign up to the free version of GameIntel.

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