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Hardware sales slump again in Japan

Total numbers for all platforms barely breaks 100,000 units as DSi holds the lead

The Nintendo DSi continued to be the best-selling games platform on the market in Japan - although its sales numbers this week could have easily seen it in fourth place at times last year.

The handheld shifted 38,783 units, according to the latest data from Media Create for the week ending June 7, while the PlayStation Portable took second place on 29,070.

The Wii held on to third place, with just 17,177, while the PlayStation 3 almost - incredibly - dropped below the 10,000 mark for the first time since launch.

The Xbox 360 continued to track at fairly normal, low levels on 6625, followed by the DS Lite on 5664 and the PlayStation 2 on 4096.

That list gave Nintendo just over 61,500 in total sales, compared to Sony's 43,000.

  • 1. Nintendo DSi: 38,783
  • 2. PlayStation Portable: 29,070
  • 3. Nintendo Wii: 17,177
  • 4. PlayStation 3: 10,173
  • 5. Xbox 360: 6625
  • 6. Nintendo DS Lite: 5664
  • 7. PlayStation 2: 4096