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Feely control system being demoed at Nordic Game's Leipzig booth.

With HaptX and the Novint Falcon players can feel effects such as explosions, gravity, recoils from weapons as well as the details of individual objects surfaces and textures at a per pixel resolution. HaptX also provides the ability for the player to physically interact in genuine 3D within the game itself.

By holding the Falcon’s Grip and moving the proxy (3D touch enabled cursor) the gamer can interact freely with the objects in the environment, even touch the back side of objects for a radically new and highly exciting gaming experience. HaptX synchronizes the motors of the Falcon with the graphics a! nd physics data of the game letting the gamer feel textures, shapes, weight, dimension, and overall dynamics.

Our recent releases of HaptX enabled games such as Quake4 and Penumbra: Black Plague have resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from both the Falcon user community as well as industry press and media. Recent awards include a 90% rating in the Swedish PC Gamer magazine (June, 2008) and a 4 out of 5 rating in the leading Swedish technical magazine Din Teknik (July, 2008). From the Falcon user community, the following statements can be read in regards to the release of the game Penumbra: Black Plague HaptX Edition; “I recommend this game to every Falcon owner out there. If you haven’t played this game with the Falcon, you haven't seen the potential of this great toy yet. I give this game a 9 out of 10”. “This game is definitely a winner and anyone who owns a falcon should buy it as soon as possible. This is one of the must ow! n games and I can only hope that either the series is continued or HaptX/Frictional comes up with another that is just as amazing.”.

We will also provide first looks of our upcoming HaptX titles Crysis and Enemy Territory - Quake Wars at GC Leipzig.

To schedule an appointment to visit the Nordic Game booth and to arrange interviews with HaptX, please contact Communication Manager Jacob Riis at (+45) 2360 9422 or

If you want to know more about HaptX, the technology, collaboration opportunities and the introduction of Novint Falcon to the European market, please contact Office Assistant Helena Backman on +46-8-556 766 00 or

For more information on the Novint Falcon or HaptX you can also visit or email us via

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