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HandyGames™ proudly presents the next part of the cult series: Townsmen 3!

Giebelstadt (Germany) November 10th, 2005 - Worldwide, fans of the cult build-up strategy game Townsmen 2 have something to look forward to: HandyGamesTM, the leading independent European developer of mobile games will release the long awaited third part of the blockbuster series Townsmen November 15th. After the enormous success of its predecessor (like the Goldener Zockerdaumen de Jamba, Award, Mobile Gamers-Award, Area Mobile-Games Award, wireless-gaming Award) the gamers will find apart from the familiar and often praised features of Townsmen 2, new and exciting features. The player may, for instance, become either a respected and fair merchant or a scrupulous pirate and travel the New World or conquer the new continent. There he or she will meet the indigenous people, trade with them or fight them or the Old World in slot machine like mini fights. If he treats the native people well they will build him a temple to worship him. During each mission the player gets tasks and instructions from his subordinates which he or she has to fulfil. Among the numerous new features of this game are new resources such as tobacco and sugarcane - the new fast-motion mode accelerates the production of the resources. In the endless game or in the quite challenging campaign mode the player, has to place the buildings on an isometric and scrollable map and can upgrade, downgrade and tear down objects like the port, mine, shipyard or the smithy. A totally unique feature is the additional WAP and Online game Townsmen Cards where it is possible to trade in those codes generated in the java game for new and rare cards. Fans of the Townsmen series get both the well-known features of its predecessors and new and unique innovations that increase the fun and addiction factor tremendously. Townsmen 3 is a "must have" for every fan of strategy and build-up strategy titles.

Overview of the new features of Townsmen 3:

- Travel to the New World and conquer the new continent

- Gripping story with up to 14 missions

- Determine the own destiny: become either a fair merchant or a scrupulous pirate

- Building of merchant or pirate ships

- Encounter indigenous people: fight them or trade with them

- Tasks and instructions of the subordinates during the missions

- Free decisions where to place new buildings such as distillery, farm, forester, fort, mine, shipyard, smithy, temple or the indigenous village

- Some buildings can produce different resources like tobacco or sugarcane

- Treat the native people respectfully and they may build a temple to worship you

- Fight the natives or the Old World in a slot machine like mini game

- Random events influence the game

- New fast motion function accelerate the production of resources

- Trade in the codes generate in the java game for new and rare cards in the Wap and Online game Townsmen Cards

Features which have been taken from Townsmen 2:

- Build-up strategy game with an isometric, scrollable map

- Challenging campaigns

- Free to decide where to place building like barracks or the pig farm

- Intuitive controls

- Easy administration of the resources

- The cute inhabitants, the famous Townies, influence the game

- Compelling sound effects

- Highscore

About GmbH

HandyGamesTM is the German leading independent developers of mobile games and a pioneer for WAP technology. The company has currently more than 45 employees who produce high quality mobile games and applications and provide them worldwide. HandyGamesTM has offices in Giebelstadt (Germany) and in Bucharest (Rumania) and was founded 2000 by the Markus and Christopher Kassulke and Udo Bausewein.

The vast and extensive product range persuades thanks to its high quality and comprises not only downloadable and pre-installed games and applications for mobile phones but also applications for the mobile internet. The Townsmen and Ancient Ruins series are some of blockbusters especially developed for mobiles. The success of the company is also reflected by long-term co-operations with the leading handset manufacturers and operators as well as by the awards our games have already received.

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