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MMO enters season 2.

For more than a year, the players of Gunbound have been coming together and facing off on the many maps of the game. From the 26th June, European players from the free online game portal GOA.COM will find out what’s new in Gunbound season 2!

There is a little something for everyone in season 2. On the one hand, experienced players will discover the many new additions making battles even more exciting. On the other hand, new players will also be able to take advantage of the new tutorial mode which will guide them through the different game strategies step by step.

For all those who think they know Gunbound inside out, newly added features will allow you to enhance your character’s abilities! In addition to brand new music which will liven up your encounters, players will also discover:

- The Powerball game mode. Depending on the balls you hit with your mobile, you can, among other things, get more Gold and cause more damage...

- Three new moons:

Black: this force will suck up the strength from an attack, making it more or less harmless by reducing missile damage by up to 50%.

Joker: the moon applies a random effect on missiles crossing the force column.

Mirror, the third moon, reflects all the shots that hit it.

- Shortcuts to customise your avatar or mobile without having to leave the waiting room.

- Reorganised servers to help you find opponents more readily.

The game will keep on getting better with four new maps, emoticons, two new mobiles and the upcoming arrival of the Guilds (and of their own dedicated servers). There will also be new items to help you reach your strategic goals.

For additional information: http://goa.com/#/gunboundhome/

Gunbound is a free online game from the GOA.COM portal, developed by Softnyx and published by GOA.


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