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Guitar Hero to go on sale in music instrument stores

Activision partners with Active Music to distribute the title and peripherals across the music instrument market

Activision has entered into a partnership with Active Music, which will see Guitar Hero World Tour distributed throughout music instrument stores across the UK.

The game, which will feature drum, guitar, vocal and bass peripherals, will make a move into this new market when the title launches on November 14.

"There is an emerging trend that people playing Guitar Hero are keen to progress and actually start learning to play the real thing," commented Lee Worsley, director of Active Music.

"For many years computer games have taken people away from learning a musical instrument. That trend is now changing... here is a game that positively encourages it. This is a real opportunity for stores to embrace the platform and bring new customers into their stores."

A spokesperson for Activision added: "We have seen this growing connection between Guitar Hero and music making, so finding a partner who could take the game to the grass roots of music making seemed an obvious channel to explore. We are delighted to have partnered with Active Music and look forward to developing this market together during the coming months."