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Guerrilla Games MD unveils new IP plans

Dutch Killzone development studio working on unnamed title for PS3

Hermen Hulst, MD of Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, has revealed that the studio is working on a brand new IP for the PlayStation 3.

He announced the news at the end of his keynote speech at GDC Europe, during which he'd also spoken at length about the history of the Dutch studio and the origins of the Killzone franchise, reports Gamasutra.

He gave no specific details on the new game, but did reveal that the studio is expanding and restructuring to take on the project, adding that it was a "game with a scope and a level of ambition that once again makes us nervous".

The studio was acquired by Sony in 2005, which means that any games it creates will only be available for the PlayStation platforms - but Hulst was firm that the developer has retained its own identity in the time following the purchase.

"Theoretically being an independent studio give you a sense of freedom, but really, for us it was a distraction," he said, adding: "We are by any and all measures Guerrilla Games, and not Sony Amsterdam," according to GameSpot.

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