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Guardian event features Crytek, Slightly Mad, Bioware

EA holding panels and hands-on gaming sessions at Gamesblog Live

The Guardian's Gamesblog is to host a day of interviews with senior EA developers this Saturday.

Speaking at Gamesblog live are Bioware lead designer Mike Laidlaw, Crytek executive producer Nathan Camarillo and Slightly Mad's lead designer Andy Tudor.

Interspersed between these interviews (conducted by Gamesblog's Keith Stuart) is hands-on time with Dragon Age 2, Crysis 2 and Need For Speed: Shift 2 respectively.

Said Stuart, "The aim of the Gamesblog Live events is to give our readers the chance to meet the most talented developers in the world and find out how modern video games are created. It's the perfect chance for gamers, and people interested in getting into the games industry, to meet the experts without having to be crushed to death at big US events like E3 or GDC."

Gamesblog Live commences at 10.30 in London on Saturday February 19. More details and tickets are available here.

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