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GTA and Wii Fit can co-exist, says Curran

Zoe Mode's Ste Curran says that videogames are a big enough form to contain both the casual and the hardcore

Zoe Mode's creative director Ste Curran says that videogaming is a wide form big enough to contain a lot of things - some of which haven't yet been fully explored.

"...I did a talk last year at GameCity in Nottingham called 'My Mum', and it was all about how my mum got back into videogaming, and is all to do with the way that videogames started as quite a broad, accessible medium and then gradually funneled down into this niche of adolescent boys - and is now trying to build its way out of that," he told GamesIndustry.biz

Curran thinks that the shift began earlier than people think.

"People talk about it now in terms of Nintendo, but SingStar did a lot for getting PlayStation 2s in front of teenage girls - just for that game. And SingStar is totally valid as a videogame, I think it's as precisely designed as any action game," he said.

While Sony was smart enough to push that market and form it with SingStar, he noted that Nintendo focused on it even more strongly.

"Whatever they personally think of these games...I see furious kids on the Internet saying that Wii Fit isn't a proper game - but whatever they think of it, it's selling millions of copies because people want different things from games," he noted.

Even with the recent focus - or re-focusing - on games for a broader market, Curran knows that "hardcore" games are here to stay.

"Those games will not go away, it's a huge market - there will always be room for Grand Theft Auto.

"I don't have the sales for Wii Fit to hand, but it's selling tremendously well, and you couldn't find a game less similar to GTA - and they're not hurting each other's sales."

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