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Ground Effect

iPhone arcade racer submitted for Apple's scrutiny.

GUILDFORD, UK – October 28, 2009

Glenn Corpes is pleased & excited to announce that Ground Effect, a unique arcade racer, has finally been submitted to Apple for approval.

Despite complex, high quality graphics & sound and fast-paced action, the developer has used advanced fractal compression techniques to squeeze Ground Effect into under 10MB, which means it can be comfortably downloaded over the air on even the original iPhone.

"This has been incredibly hard work but I'm very happy with the results. Although this started out as a solo venture, my objectives were pretty ambitious and I could not have realised them without help & support from my friends, my children and the gaming community, particularly at Ground Effect offers a really immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. I'm hoping that its overall quality & visual polish, combined with its file size will mean that Ground Effect will appeal to the core of discerning casual gamers who demand high standards, but also like to be spontaneous in their purchasing decisions."

Development on this title began back in March but now after rigorous testing, hopes are that it will glide through the approval process and be available for sale very soon.

In the meantime, the developer has released 5 new screenshots and the App Store icon, which are also available to view at along with the recently updated gameplay video.

About Glenn Corpes

Glenn Corpes has worked in computer games for more than 20 years including 8 years at Bullfrog in roles including head of Research and Development, Graphics Programmer and Artist and 4 years at EA as Head of Research & Development and Project Leader. Two of his most notable credited titles are Populous and Dungeon Keeper.


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