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Grotesque Tactics - Premium Edition

Headup's strategy RPG signed by Meridian4.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada – September 21, 2010 – Meridian4 ( announces today that their digital publishing agreement with Headup Games ( spawns a new product in the form of parody/strategy/RPG; Grotesque Tactics – Evil Heroes (Premium Edition).

“Headup Games are always finding unique titles and Grotesque is the very definition of ‘unique’. With its quirky cast of characters, its tongue-in-cheek reverence to RPGs and games of past and its fun and addictive gameplay, Grotesque Tactics is a must for fans of the genre.” said Andy Sher, CEO at Meridian4.

Grotesque Tactics – Evil Heroes (Premium Edition) will be available in the coming weeks on most digital portals, including Steam, Impulse, Amazon and many others for $19.99.

About Grotesque* Tactics

The game combines the features and clichés of Western and Asian console RPGs like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics and provides a highly addicting and entertaining change to the current, more serious role playing games. The game is focused on providing the fascination of the Strategy RPG genre, but also weaves a humorous storyline and plenty of amusing dialogue, poking fun at some of the most successful RPGs, such as Oblivion, Final Fantasy and Lord of the Rings.

To protect the kingdom from the merciless cult “The Dark Church” which has murdered all of the kingdom’s heroes and knights, you will have to hire dubious soldiers and rescue jealous maidens who will follow you into combat as your groupies. Up to 10 heroes are deployed in tactical battles to take on the Dark Church with their mysterious special abilities.


Turn based tactical battles with humorous animations not seen in any RPG Distinctive party members such as the arrogant Holy Avatar, the blood thirsty Vampire Solitaire, the sweet but hot-tempered Angel Angelina and many more Gorgeous village landscapes and dark, sinister dungeons Scantily dressed maidens to be freed from the grasp of merciless monsters Enormous, highly detailed and very angry end bosses Classical RPG elements: quests, treasures, trade, leveling up and out­fitting a party of unique heroes Enjoyable multiple choice dialogues and conversation puzzles in the style of classic adventures, such as Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion

*In chess, a Grotesque is a problem or endgame study which features a particularly unlikely initial position, especially one in which White fights with a very small force against a much larger black army. Grotesques are generally intended to be humorous.

About Meridian4

Meridian4 is an interactive software publisher located in Montreal, Canada. A publishing company, with new ideas and a different approach to forming partnerships with developers, Meridian 4 aims to actually form a partnership – a true relationship characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility to achieve the best possible performance for developers’ products. For more information, visit

About Headup Games

Headup Games publishes high quality PC core games which embody the essential vision of each genre and setting. Dedicated 100% to the most emotional form of modern media, they aim to satisfy the demands of their target group for the perfect experience by bringing the most entertaining titles to their screens. From gamers for gamers is their primary belief. For more information visit

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