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Gravity Crash Anthems

Downloadable album featuring 75 minutes of '80s-style electronic tunes from Tim Wright (or CoLD SToRAGE to his mum).

Soundtrack Information Tomorrow, Tuesday the 12th of January 2010, sees the launch of “Gravity Crash Anthems” a downloadable album totalling over 75 minutes of 80’s influenced electronic music. Composed by Tim Wright aka, CoLD SToRAGE, best known for his award winning works on Wipeout & Colony Wars.

“Gravity Crash Anthems” features album length versions of the music from the PS3/PSP game “Gravity Crash” - one of a series of 'new skool retro' games from Sony Computer Entertainment. Wright was more than qualified to rise to the challenge of providing audio for the game, not least because his association with computer games goes back as far as the 1980’s, where he began his career penning memorable tunes for many well-known games such as “Shadow of the Beast” and “Lemmings”.

“Writing the score for this game was a total joy for me!” says Wright, “...although I have to compose in all manner of styles based on the requirements of each project, my musical roots are firmly planted in the 80’s where I first discovered a love for electronic music”.

Stewart Gilray (Managing Director of Just Add Water (Developments) Ltd. said, “When we started to think about the audio for Gravity Crash, there was no one else I wanted to get on board.”

“Gravity Crash Anthems” will be available for £9.99 as a multi-format download from and features 16 tracks, including choice re-mixes in styles as varied as laid back drum'n'bass, orchestral ambient and Commodore SID Chip.

Track listing …

1. Scarface - [04:37]

2. Trex - [04:05]

3. Vectribe - [04:18]

4. G.R.P. - [04:31]

5. Torment - [04:54]

6. Krayola - [04:45]

7. Andromeda - [04:52]

8. Vectribe - Style over Substance Remix - [04:24]

9. Cliff Diver - [04:24]

10. Pantheon - [05:42]

11. Querk - Off Planet Remix - [05:28]

12. Carpaureum - Digital Prisoners Remix - [05:28]

13. Querk - [05:01]

14. Crash Punk - [04:15]

15. Scarface - Six Five Eight One Remix - [03:42]

16. Carpaureum - Super Avilyn 1984 Remix - [04:35]

The release also features a 19 page print quality PDF booklet.

Game review quotes & Scores … – “Beautiful “modern-retro” art styling and well-realised soundtrack.” - [8/10]

Official PlayStation Magazine AU – “Streamlined and pretty, this is an example of a simple idea being the best idea.” – [9/10] – “It is a game that, like the best retro games, fuses eye-catching retro visuals with high definition graphics.” – [8/10] – “Overall Gravity Crash is an excellent, addictive retro style title which old school shooter fans will love” – [8.5/10]

Retro Gamer Magazine – [89%]

[About Tim Wright aka, CoLD SToRAGE] Tim has been producing music for computer & video games since the late 1980’s. His work on prominent titles such as Shadow of the Beast II & III, Lemmings, Sensible Soccer, Sony’s Wipeout Series and Colony Wars to name but a few, has earned him awards and accolades from industry peers and consumers alike. Wright’s contribution to the industry has also come in the form of designing and developing highly regarded music sequencing products such as MUSIC 2000, MTV Music Generator and the eJay music series, giving him a unique understanding of the marketplace.

Tel: + 44(0)844 991 1500 – Web: – Email:

[About Just Add Water (Developments), Ltd.] Based in West Yorkshire countryside, JAW is a collective of veteran game developers specialising in download-only game and application projects, since 2006. With over 100 years’ collective game development experience spread among the core team, working on titles such as; “Power Monger", “Pinball Fantasies”, “Spec Ops: Ranger Elite”, “Soldier of Fortune”, “Dune 2000”, “Little Britain”, “Flock” and “Gravity Crash” to name but a few. JAW’s main focus is on original IP titles, spanning multiple download-only formats, but the company also takes on work for hire projects for a number of different companies to help fund its utopian development style.

Tel: +44 (0)113 350 5545 – Web: – Email:

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