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Google reports 19 acquisitions in 2010 - and more planned

28% of all Google's deals to date were made this year, says corporate development VP

Google has confirmed 19 acquisitions since the start of this year, making 2010 its biggest ever in terms of buy-outs.

28 per cent of all such deals in Google's history were made since this January. By contrast, the search firm bought seven companies in 2009.

Five of 2010's acquisitions were social gaming or media firms, including the rumoured $182 million for Slide over the Summer.

The firm also spent $750 million on mobile advertising outfit AdMob earlier this year.

David Lawee, Google's Vice President of Corporate Development, revealed to Reuters that the company intended to continue on the acquisition trail, on which it faced stiff competition from Apple and Microsoft.

"In almost every deal that we look at, there's always someone or one of those companies interested," he said.

Google's plans for its various online and mobile acquisitions remain mysterious, though a picture continues to build of a possible games-centric social network intended to rival Facebook.

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